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Manzo Eye Care in Huntington Woods, MI is a full service optical shop offering eyeglasses, contacts, and services from our in-house eye doctors and optometrists. Dr. Manzo was a staff ophthalmologist at Henry Ford in West Bloomfield for 10 years. His next occupation was a medical director and chief of surgery at a Lasik center. The owners of the Lasik center wanted to become more high volume and focus on money making whereas Dr. Manzo wanted to be more patient oriented. He did not want to be inundated with numbers of patients but treat less patients with on a more individual level, so he broke off and started his own business. Manzo Eye Care has been successfully serving the eye care needs of local residents since 2000. Established by Dr. David Manzo, Manzo Eye Care is dedicated to providing quality eye care while treating each patient as an individual. We take time to listen to the needs and concerns of our patients. Dr. Manzo and Dr. Baruch offer the best in local eye care services with the most thorough eye exams using the latest technology. Dr. Manzo is a board-certified ophthalmologist and specializes in the following services: general ophthalmology, refractive and laser vision correction, cataract implant surgery, glaucoma, retinal & infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, and neurological and hereditary diseases. We offer the luxury of a full-service optical shop. Manzo Eye Care’s optical shop offers style, comfort and convenience. Patients will have their eyeglass fittings carried out by a certified optician with several years of experience in helping patients find the right look. Our optical shop offers designer frames and value package eye wear, along with the latest technology in lenses to fit the needs of each and every one of our patients. Many women yearn for long, lovely eyelashes but do not want to deal with awkward fake lashes or gunky mascara. Manzo Eye Care in Huntington Woods offers those women an alternative in the form of a new cosmetic procedure that helps them grow the long lashes they’ve always wanted. Latisse is a prescribed treatment that will help you grow longer, thicker and darker lashes. Those who seek Latisse likely suffer from hypotrichosis, a condition that results in inadequate or not enough eye lashes. But now with the help of this extraordinary, FDA-approved treatment, you can have stunningly long lashes in no time at all with the help of the experts at Manzo Eye Care. Call Manzo Eye Care today and schedule a consultation to find out if you’re an ideal candidate for Latisse, or for any of your other optometry and eye care requirements. We accept most insurance plans.


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